DHC cycleCan you imagine that you let somebody else choose a new car for you? Of course, that is out of the question! That is definitely something you would want to do yourself. For the simple reason that no one knows better than you what, how and where you want to drive. You also want to ask questions directly so you can respond on the spot to answers given and options offered by the producer. When you are ready for a new home or business, then you obviously need more help. An architect can be a very good partner, at least if he can let go of his traditional attitude of ‘I know what’s good for you and I will create something wonderful!’. Would you like to know in what role this specialist is of the upmost value to you? Then please read on….

Serving you?

Real estate organizations and municipalities often voice serious complaints about architects – they are arrogant and suffer from megalomania. From their artistic ivory tower, they demand the impossible to get their building vision realized. Costs are skyrocketing, projects fail or have a long aftermath, because the building and the built environment are not functioning the way users would like, while creating this fallus for the artist.

Of course such an architect is of no use to you. As far as BRIQS is concerned the architect is serving you, jouw as the investor and your local society. Not his ego. An architect is a translator, a problem solver and a connector. Right?

  • A translator of your needs for a well-functioning building in a pleasant living / working environment.
  • A translator of the needs of investors towards a sustainable building that makes an investment profitable for the longest possible time.
  • A solver of social problems such as those of impoverishment and energy waste.
  • A connector of these three elements in the façade.
  • A connector of the professionals that create a building and the surrounding area.

The façade as nucleus

In the façade of a building the diverse needs of society, the investor and you come together and that makes it quite complex. For society it is important how the building looks and contributes to a pleasant environment. An investor wants a façade with a long life span and a valuable appearance. In addition to the appearance on the outside the façade determines the view from the inside and how that feels. That is very important for you as a user. So where are the windows and doors? How does the light shine in and do you feel safe? Does the façade connect you to the outside world or does it close you off completely? All issues that an architect must take into account in the design of the façade. It is even better if changes over time are included, because what happens behind that façade changes too. And faster than ever before!

It is good to realize that the architect has a very different interest in the facade. As THE way to get new assignments by publishing their work in architectural magazines! In these magazines you’ll see a lot frontages, as their focus. That focus has little to do with your interest in a flexible format, adaptability and applying the best techniques.

Young generation

Part of the architect’s profession still lives with the illusion of a world in which the architect ‘knows’ what is good for the people and designs and builds just that especially for you. Be alert when you select an architect for your building. Make sure it is about you. The young generation understands that much better, as construction students from Delft show in this article (in Dutch). They do not carry the dead weight of old ideas and create a new perspective for themselves as architects and with that also for you as a customer.

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Remko Zuidema